Sunday, January 31

weekly menu

Last week, I was out of the house by 8:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I took kids to the dentist on 2 different days.  I went to the county offices to turn in paperwork twice.  I drove my father-in-law to the airport (which in Denver...DIA is in the middle of nowhere!).  We also celebrated 2 birthdays, I made 1 set of classroom cupcakes and took one kid to the pediatrician for a check up.

I also managed to plow through all of our laundry pile.  No small feat in this house.

This week looks to be equally messy.  Monday I have to take Kelli in for dental surgery.  We will be at the hospital for probably 4 hours all in all.  She's getting 4 teeth extracted, 2 fillings, 2 sealants and a "frenectomy".

Tuesday afternoon I take my big boys to the dentist, and then D and I have a potluck meeting in the evening.  Wednesday I have to take our middle son in for his middle school physical.

Then on the weekend, we have the Father/Daughter dance to prepare for.  Our family is contributing fruit for a chocolate fondue.  And of course there will be 2 little girls to dress.

So, with all that in mind, I have tried to make a simple plan for the week. (We are also at the end of our grocery budget so I have to wait until Saturday to do my big stock up which means I am using up all I can find in the freezer.)

Breakfast leftover muffins, frozen pancakes, leftover oatmeal with yogurt
Dinner chili with venison and beans
Prep soak oats

Breakfast baked oatmeal

Dinner going to a potluck and taking Asian cabbage slaw, kids will have pasta at home
Prep thaw chicken, bake bread

Breakfast eggs and toast
Dinner chicken pot pies
Prep start pancakes

Breakfast pancakes
Dinner macaroni and cheese with winter squash puree and cauliflower mixed in
Prep thaw ribs

Breakfast hot cereal

Dinner short ribs, mashed potatoes, cabbage cooked with bacon and onions
Prep make big monthly grocery list

Breakfast eggs with sausage, hash browns

Dinner salmon patties, roasted winter vegetables (carrots, beets and celeriac)
Prep grocery shopping, make muffins, soak beans

Breakfast muffins

Dinner ham and beans
Prep weekly menu planning


Elisa, Croatia said...

Hi, where in Colorado do you live? I used to live south of Denver (Littleton) for 3 years. I miss going to King Soopers.


Kathy said...

I look at your to do list for the week and I just want to go back to bed! lol