Thursday, January 7


I had to laugh about this.  Aleena's friend came home with her on Tuesday.  (She has a friend home with her a few times a week!)  Aleena asked if the friend could stay through dinner.  I said, "yes but we are having venison".  Aleena turns to her friend and says, "it's just deer!"  Like everyone eats deer but venison is just some weird fancy name!  (The friend wound up staying through dinner but NOT eating.)

I used a recipe from Nourishing Traditions that had me marinate the chops in red wine, orange zest and some thyme.  Then I browned the chops and let them simmer in the marinade for an hour.  It was a hit.  And a great way to use some of the venison that has been given to us.

I'm getting ready to thaw my beef tongue to use for tacos tomorrow night.  Hubby is soooo excited I am making lengua tacos.

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