Monday, January 18

The Falafel

Dinner tonight was fabulous!  I love it when it just turns out like it should and is yummy!

I did the chicken shawarma recipe I had posted and the quinoa tabbouleh.  And I realized that I was a little lean on the food, even with a batch of homemade pitas and plenty of hummus.  So I made falafels.

OMG! They were so yummy and super easy too.  I fried them in my cast iron skillet with coconut oil.  Thankfully I was in the midst of making pitas, getting in and out of a 500 degree oven so I wasn't tempted to mess with them.  I just flipped them when they were really browned and took them out when the other side was good and browned.

I had never had falafel until a few weeks ago.  It's a mixture of mashed garbanzo beans and bread crumbs with some spices and onion and garlic thrown in.  Then it's shaped in a little ball and deep fried.

We will do this one again!

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