Sunday, January 24

weekly menu

It's been an off week so I didn't necessarily stick to my plan for last week, but it helped to have a plan to know where I was supposed to be going for the week.

Here's to a new week and and a new plan.  This week my father in law heads back home so I'm making him some favorites on Monday.  And my oldest turns 14 on Thursday and my middle son turns 11 on Friday so they have chosen the meals they want those nights, too.

Breakfast Malt-o-Meal
Dinner meatloaf, mashed potatoes with celeriac, corn and salad with blue cheese dressing
To-do bake bread, thaw chicken, soak oats

Breakfast baked oatmeal
Dinner chicken with carrots and bulgur, creamed spinach
To-do make coleslaw

Breakfast eggs and toast
Dinner BBQ, coleslaw and oven fries
To-do grocery shopping, start pancakes

Breakfast whole wheat pancakes
Dinner angel hair primavera with shrimp and alfredo sauce
To-do thaw ground beef, start waffles

Breakfast chocolate chip waffles
Dinner bowties with meatballs and meatsauce
To-do thaw stew meat

Breakfast ??? maybe leftovers
Dinner Beef stew and sourdough bread
To-do make muffins, bake bread, soak beans

Breakfast muffins
Dinner (lunch) ham and beans
To-do menu plan

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Kathy said...

I wanted a pancake for supper last night but Harold wanted a hamburger from a restaurant! What??? So we went out, spent $24 and had lousy food. I think he thinks he is doing me a favor by taking me out but I would so love to just stay home and eat from my kitchen! I love what you're making for the special meals! And Happy Birthday to the kids!