Saturday, January 16

Menu Plan Saturday?

This is when I have time to do my planning so I'm trying to get it done now.  I'm realizing that life is really crazy when I am working 40 hours of nights every week.  I'm thankful for the job right now, but jeez, it wears me out some days!

apple oven pancake and bacon OK that didn't happen for a variety of reasons, but my kids did make chocolate pancakes
Dinner Even Lazier Cabbage Rolls (I'll post a recipe for that one later), Spinach Casserole
To do Prep muffin batter, thaw chicken

Breakfast Kefir Soaked Muffin, kefir smoothies
Dinner Chicken Taco Soup
To do start soaking quinoa, start waffle batter

Breakfast whole wheat waffles, yogurt with fruit
Dinner chicken shawarma, quinoa tabbouleh, pita and hummus and falafel if I get ambitious
To do make tabbouleh, make hummus, make pita, thaw pork chops, start oatmeal

Breakfast baked oatmeal
Dinner tangy pork chops with rice and Southern Style Braised Greens, biscuits
To do thaw ground beef

Breakfast hot cereal
Dinner meatloaf, roasted potatoes, corn and coleslaw
To do start pancake batter, thaw sausages

Breakfast whole wheat pancakes, kefir smoothies
Dinner White Bean and Kale Soup, French bread
To do thaw chicken, start for stock

Breakfast Eggs and toast
Dinner Layered Chicken Enchilada Casserole (I'll totally be winging it!)
To do Menu planning for next week

I'm still figuring out when I'm making bread each week too.  I like mixing it one day and shaping and baking another day.  It's been a time saver.

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