Thursday, January 22

what's wrong with cereal?

I know we can probably all find any study that says anything we want it too, but I read this one about cereal the other day and it's freaking me out a little.

We rarely have anything in the house besides WIC cereals anyway because that's what we get with our vouchers, but I'm still not crazy about the fact that it's so processed. I hate having to read long ingredients lists. :oP And since I've read that study I really want to get away from them.

One big problem? Cereal has become the go to food in this house. After school snack, breakfast, easy supper. Today I made a batch of granola to help steer the kids towards something else. It's not difficult at all, but I know they will also want variety so I will continue to work on that.

There was a time when I thought they wouldn't survive the winter if I didn't buy instant flavored oatmeal packets. I stopped buying those this winter. I had some I got with free coupons, and the kids inhaled them, but when they were gone...they managed to find something else to eat. I know the same thing will happen with cereal.

Taking steps away from processed foods is hard, but it's important to me. And I am more and more amazed at what goes into my cart at the grocery store. The things in it are ingredients to make a myriad of things. I am still very much a work in process.


Erica said...

Noelle, I can relate to EVERYTHING you are saying and feeling. I truely can. My oldest loved oatmeal and I always bought the flavored packets. He about died (well, not really, haha, but you get the drift) when I stopped buying them, but now loves soakd oats sweetened with real maple syrup and coconut oil.

The cereal, we rarely ever buy. I will buy some organic ceral for a treat or for a car snack every once in a while. It's one of those things I've compromised a little on.

Breakfasts are normally eggs, bacon, leftovers, or oats. Thinking outside the box and serving leftover meatloaf and mashed potato's for breakfast is more filling and nourishing than a boxed over processed cereal.

Anyways, hang in there. It's all a process and you are doing fantastic :)

LisaZ said...

I have the same problem with cereal in that my kids prefer old cereals to hot ones! I grew up eating cereal like three times a day, and it was hard for me to give it up, but it's even harder to get my kids to prefer oatmeal over the cold stuff. For me granola has been the saving grace (even though Sally Fallon et al say it's still bad, I just don't care right now), but my kids will only eat granola occasionally.

I don't buy them cereal anymore, but it's still making breakfast hard. I want them to be able to feed themselves breakfast, so usually it's homemade bread toasted or muffins and eggs (which I still prepare). Those things work, but for variety it would sure be nice if they could have cereal once in a while. Still, I know it's bad so I just don't do it...

If you have success with this, please post!