Thursday, January 15

Nourishing Traditions

I've just begun reading this book.

Have you read it and what do you think? I think I will be changed by this book. I can feel it already. And I'm having a lot of inward struggle with it. The Weight Watcher in me wants to run away. The mother in me wonders how to do this.

I need to read some more.


Kathy said...

I haven't read it but it does reflect some of what Michael Pollan wrote about in his book. It did occur to me yesterday after seeing the commercial for the Splenda with added fiber that we are now fortifying our chemicals with other chemicals! Like chemicals squared! I think the closer to nature that we eat the better.

clindemuth said...

I had the same issues when I read NT. It is pretty incompatible with WW core- because of the non-fat foods and fake sweeteners. However,I find it works just fine with WW points system.

If you plan your meals around lots of veggies, some fruits and 2 servings each: whole-fat dairy, whole grains, and greass-fed/cold-water fish, you should still have points enough for some good fats in the form of salad dressings or flax /olivw/coconut oil, and 1or 2 tbs. nuts or ground flax.

It took some time, but once I got the hang of it, having a kitchen filled with real, whole foods made following my WW plan easier.

By the by, the author of NT does have a diet book..I ahve not read it as the above system works for me.

clindemuth said...

Whoops- that was supposed to read "grass fed meat/cold water fish"... I think you would have problems finding grass-fed fish!Let alone greass-fed ones!

I also apologize for the spelling typos- I am squeezing a post in the middle of a crazy day. :)

clindemuth said...

Oooh! Look at this article:

According to it- the seven best foods for weight loss include : beef, eggs, and whole-fat dairy.

Jenny said...

Nourishing Traditions changed the way I think about food. The recipes aren't fantastic, but the philosophy behind them is. It opened a whole new world to me.

lorrie said...

Can I borrow it when you are done? I will probably get back to reading in about 2 years!

Erica said...

I have it on my bookshelf, it's a real eye opening book and it really does make you wonder. It's one book I always recommend to people!

I do not know much about weight watchers and how compatable it would be though. I have a hunch it wouldn't be that hard to modify, like Clindemuth suggested maybe?

Shannon said...

Hi Noelle,

I just came across your blog, and I felt compelled to share with you that not so long ago, the "Weight Watcher" in me also couldn't really understand how this could all possibly be so. I follow Nourishing Traditions wholeheartedly and it has completely and forever altered my eating. Not only did I NOT gain any weight on this diet, I have never been as trim as I am now, and I haven't even added exercise into the mix yet. I have read "Eat Fat, Lose Fat," which is the dieting companion book which I highly recommend you read as well. The coolest thing about all of this is feeling full all the time eating wonderful things like whole milk, butter, bacon, (nitrate free organic stuff, mind you!) so never even having carb cravings to begin with! You don't need portion control when your body's own mechanisms for that (which DO exist - believe me! It took a while, but I feel full now way before I ever used to - and my idea of "sweet" is really different too) kick back in.