Monday, February 15

Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Pudding Cake

I saw this recipe just before Aleena's birthday in January and immediately thought of her.  Like me, she adores her peanut butter and chocolate.  And this is one of those cakes that makes the pudding sauce underneath so it doesn't require frosting.  It just needs a little ice cream to go with it.  And the best part?  Well maybe not the best part...but it's made in the crock pot!

The recipe is here.  I used my 6 quart oval crock pot.  And I decided to double the cake portion because it just didn't look like enough for our family of 8 plus a friend.  It would have been enough because we had half the cake leftover.  I didn't double the sauce portion because that just seemed like a lot of sugar, but we didn't really have enough sauce for the amount of cake.  But no one was complaining.

A word of caution...this is not for those interested in presentation.  It was a very unattractive cake in the crock pot.  But in the bowl, with the cake and the hot fudge pudding sauce and some vanilla ice cream....BLISS!

I look forward to making this one again.  It will be nice in the summer too when it's too hot for the oven, but I still want to make a dessert.  It will be perfect with homemade ice cream.