Wednesday, March 11

Real Food Wednesday

This is an ongoing thing that I have never participated in only read with delight. But today's topic is about getting kids to eat real food...and like it.

One of the staples around our house the past few weeks have been keifr smoothies. I've read about how great raw milk is and I really believe it to be true (more about that soon), but in Colorado it's illegal to sell raw milk unless you own a share in the cow. That would run our family about $8/gallon. Really not affordable right now.

But I want them to have the benefits of good milk. Right now we are trying to get the best milk we can afford and consume as much of it in it's cultured form as possible. Culturing helps to get some of those healthy nutrients back into the milk.

So one of our favorite ways to get some cultured milk each day is a morning smoothie.

For me and the 2 littles, I do

2 cups kefir
1 whole banana (Jack E loves to watch it disappear into the blender)
1/2 c frozen blueberries
1 Tbsp raw local honey

Blend it all together and enjoy!

You can see more kid friendly real food ideas here.