Monday, September 22


Last week, Duane my husband came home from work with 2 huge bags of peaches. He had been at an empty house that day with a bountiful peach tree. We have eaten quite a few but today I decided to can what was left.

As I stood peeling my blanched peaches and filling quart jars, I was so thankful. I am thankful for the peaches, very truly free food. I am thankful for the know-how to be able to save these fruits for later. I am thankful that I know we will enjoy these special peaches and remember this season of our lives.

Am I funny for getting nostalgic over a bag of backyard peaches? maybe so...

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Kathy said...

I envy you your ability to can. I've done tomatoes and tomato juice way back when and don't fear them because of their acidity, but I was always afraid to try anything else. It was one skill I never learned from my mother!