Friday, September 26

eggplant recipe

Apparently my hubby is sending friends to this blog for recipes that I haven't even posted here. I'll just post the link here for the baba ghanoush recipe I use. I use more garlic, less lemon and little to no olive oil. I put it all in a big bowl and just use my hand blender on it. Totally easy.

baba ghanoush


Terri and Bob said...

WOw! I am so impressed! YOu have been so busy in the kitchen! I am jealous of all your fresh produce.

Lorrie Briggs said...

Thanks for stopping by Mommy Stays Home and leaving a comment. I love your recipe ideas. I have trouble finding healthy things my 2 small children will eat. Especially after living with grandma for a year. Hopefully you can give me some inspiration.
I wish we had a CSA near us, but there don't seem to be ANY.
I am so impressed that you have 6 kids. I would love to have that many, but my husband is content with 2.

王菲Star said...

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